How to Register a Boat in Alabama

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All boat owners in Alabama will need to register their boats after purchasing one to go about their business legally without any worries. Boat owners who have no idea how to register a boat in Alabama would find the information here quite useful. As of now, every state has its own set of rules to apply and get a registration number. Moreover, they also specify which boats must register and which of them are exempted from registration.

What Type of Boats Must be Registered in Alabama?

All sailboats with outboard motors, inflatable boats, motorboats, and hired vessels will need to register their boats in the state of Alabama. Even coast guard vessels and boats must be registered with the government. Owners with new boats must register within 3 days of purchase. Those who purchase used boats with an outboard carrier that is already registered must write an application to get the title transferred within 15 days of notification.

What Information is Required to Register a Boat in Alabama?

For new boats, the sale deed will suffice to get registered, as no title is required in the state of Alabama. The same is true for used boats for which the owner must produce the bill of sale and the last boat registration certificate. Again, there is no need to mention any title for the boat in Alabama. Every boat owner is responsible for clearing all the required documentation and keeping the papers safe with him all the time.

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Boat in Alabama?

The cost of registering a boat is calculated based on the length of the vessel. This cost is, however, cannot be fragmented into monthly or quarterly payments. Whether you purchase a registration for a month or a year doesn’t matter. No extra taxes are charged for the registration, and there are no penalties for late registration or renewal of registration.

The transfer fee to transfer ownership of a boat with an Alabama registration decal will be $5.00. An additional sales tax may be applicable. Boats that have previously been registered in Alabama with an expired registration number must pay a transfer fee, along with the registration fee and other applicable sales taxes that may be applicable. Usually, the fees applicable for four boat classes are:-

$ 20.00 for a Class I – Less than 16 ft, $ 25.00 fee for Class II – less than 26 ft, $ 75.00 for Class III – 26 ft. less than 40 ft, and $100.00 fee for Class IV – 40 ft. and above.

Where Do You Go To Register Your Boat in Alabama?

Most of the time, boat owners are concerned about where to go and which authority they must approach to complete the registration process. In the state of Alabama, all boat owners can submit an application with the specified registration fee to the office of the Judge of Probate or the county License Commissioner. Those who complete their registration are issued an Alabama Certificate of Number. The Certificate of Number is a very important document that must be carried along on the ship or boat at all times.

Can You Mail Your Boater Registration Form in Alabama?

Boat registration in Alabama can’t be done online, but applicants can easily download the application for registration and fill it up before beginning the registration process. After that, boat owners will have to visit the License Office personally to initiate the procedure. Alabama also does not offer online services for registrations, transfer of titles, or replacements. However, boat owners can apply for online renewal of boat registrations through its official website.

Where Do You Have to Keep the Boat Registration Number in Alabama?

The boat registration number must be placed in a separate area on either side of the bow with no other numbers around it. To be clearly visible this number must be displayed in block letters and stand at least 3 inches high. It can be painted or even affixed as a synthetic sticker where it can be easily seen and read by everyone. Numbers on the registration plate must be separated from the letters by a space.

Where Do You Display Hull Identification Number in Alabama?

The hull identification number of a boat is a number that you will find on the state registration certificate. It is often confused with a state registration certificate, but it is not the same. The HIN is required for federal purposes, unlike the registration number. This number, too, must be clearly displayed on the bow of the boat.




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