How to Register a Boat in Indiana

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Indiana is a marvellous state for boating and fishing. Around 100,000 acres of the state are only lakes. So, Indiana is an ideal destination for leisure trips on the water. That is why many people from Indiana think about buying boats. If you buy a boat, you should also take its registration and titling process pretty seriously. Let’s know in detail about the hot questions regarding boat registration in Indiana.

What Type of Boats Must be Registered in Indiana?

In Indiana, most of the lakes are public waters. If you own a non-motorized vessel, you don’t have to go for boating registration in Indiana at all. But, in the case of vessels featuring electric outboard motors and other trolling devices, you must go for acquiring the Indiana boat registration certificate.

Other than this, if you buy your boat within the state of Indiana and manage to get a bill of sale or a temporary license, you can also skip the process of boat registration. If your boat is registered in some other state, there will be no need for registration on two conditions. These are the boats being in the state of Indiana for 60 consecutive days and paying the Indiana boat excise tax.

What Information is Required to Register a Boat in Indiana?

To register your boat in Indiana, the boat operators will have to submit a few essential documents. First, you need to show the concerned authority the proof of the boat’s ownership. If you can show them a certificate of boat title from your previous owner, a bill of sale, etc. If you are unable to find any of these, you should go for a watercraft ownership affidavit. If you pay the taxes for your boat in Indiana, you will receive a certificate of gross retail, which you can show at the registration counter.

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Boat in Indiana?

You will have to pay the watercraft registration fee only for the first time you go for the registration and titling process. After that, if you sell the boat to someone else, he or she will have to pay another charge for the watercraft registration. For boats with a length of 12 feet, it will charge you only 15 dollars. The size of the boat is directly proportional to the registration fee. That is why, for a boat length of 40 feet and above, in Indiana state, you will have to spend around 24 dollars.

Where Do You Go To Register Your Boat in Indiana?

Be it a second-hand boat or a new one; you will have to turn to the Indiana Bureau of motor vehicles for registering your boat. The BMV will also help you with the titling process. If you provide all the required details to your Indiana BMV, you will get the certificate of registration very soon. The life jackets, fishing nets, etc., should not cover the registration number at all.

Can You Mail Your Boater Registration Form in Indiana?

The Indiana Bureau Motor Vehicle is responsible for sanctioning the title and registration number to your boat and to facilitate the life of boat operators; they have an online website today. From the official BMV website, you can get the email id to mail your boater registration form. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the BMV is entertaining emails of registration forms for renewals or transfers from boat operators.

Where Do You Have to Keep the Boat Registration Number in Indiana?

The boat registration number should appear on both sides of the vessel. Generally, the boat operators keep the registration number on the forward part. If you are about to write the registration number on your own, you should make the letters 3 inches high, and the entire writing should be in a block letter. There should be proper marine lighting on your boat so that other boats can see your registration number from a distance.

Where Do You Display Hull Identification Number in Indiana?

Hull Identification Number or HIN has more than 10 characters, and the HIN is generally found on the transom of the boat. The hull identification number is assigned to the boat, and boat manufacturers engrave this number. This hull identification number helps you to identify different boats. You can find your Hull Identification Number on the upper-right part of the transom.

Now that you know everything regarding the registration of your boat in Indiana, what are you waiting for? You should book a cab and head to the BMV to acquire the title for your boat.