How To Register A Boat In Louisiana

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Situated in the southern part of the USA, Louisiana is a water-abundant state. Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain, Red river, etc., are popular places for boating in Louisiana. If you can rent or buy a boat in Louisiana, you can go for a guided river tour and deep-sea fishing any time.

From the state parks, you can ride onto pontoon boats, kayaks, canoes, etc. But, if you purchase any boat and wish to operate it in Louisiana waters, you should definitely go for its registration and titling. Let’s know some of the basic facts regarding the boat registration process.

What Type of Boats Must be Registered in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, you must register all your motorized and non-motorized boats. If you own a sailboat as long as 12 feet or more, you should register it as well. But, there is an exception. If your motorboat or sailboat once served under the department of the U.S. Coast Guard, you can skip registration but keep all the important documents inside your boat. Another thing, if your boat is already registered in another state, there is no case of further registration and titling.

What Information is Required to Register a Boat in Louisiana?

If you wish to go for the registration and titling of your boat, you should first fill-up the application form for registration. When you submit this form, you will also be asked to show a copy of the dealer invoice, tax payment certificates, etc. You can collect this tax certificate from the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Boat in Louisiana?

Well, for registering your boat in Louisiana, you will have to pay a certain amount. If your boat is 14 feet long or less, the fee will be around 32 dollars. For sizes between 14 feet and 17 feet, you will be charged a registration fee of up to 37 dollars. For 37 feet longboats, the registration fee will be around 82 dollars. If your boat is longer than 38 feet, the concerned department will add an extra 2 dollars in the registration fee per foot.

Where Do You Go To Register Your Boat in Louisiana?

Lousiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is the main concerned body for boat registration and titling. You can take a printout of their boat registration application form from the online website. You will be required to fill in all the details regarding your boat, such as use, vessel type, fuel, propulsion, etc. Other than this department, you can also turn up in the DMV office to register your brand new boat.

Can You Mail Your Boater Registration Form in Louisiana?

Yes, you can. These days, the entire world is switching to the online world. You can mail the filled registration form to the email address of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. You also need to send the respective registration fee if you want the entire registration and titling process to be over via mail. If you cannot find the concerned department’s email address for boating registration, you should contact the U.S. Coast guard department’s helpline number.

Where Do You Have to Keep the Boat Registration Number in Louisiana?

According to Louisiana water rules, the registration number should be printed on the water vessel’s forward half. You should paint this number on both sides of the boat. While painting the registration number, you should leave space between the letters and the numbers. If the registration number is 6 inches tall, it will provide optimal visibility. There should not be any other number on that side of the boat where you are placing the registration number.

Where Do You Display Hull Identification Number in Louisiana?

If your boat has a transom, the Hull Identification Number should be placed in its upper-right corner. Generally, boat operators try to paint the number as low as possible. According to the Louisiana federal law, every boat is subject to printing the Hull Identification Number on their boat. This number helps people identify boats. This is a multi-character number. You should not crowd this number hanging any fishing tools, anchors, or any other object near it.

In Louisiana, boat registration is no longer a time-consuming process. It will take you only a few days. For second-hand boats, you just have to go for either renewal or transfer. So, go through the entire article, and you will have all your doubts cleared.




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