How To Register A Boat In Massachusetts

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Located in the New England region of the USA, Massachusetts is a populated state full of reservoirs, canals, rivers, and lakes. There are Quabbin Reservoir, Cape Cod Canal, Boston Harbor, Lake Onota, Charles River, Long Pond, etc. These water bodies are ideal for boat rides, fishing, and leisure trips on the water.

In Massachusetts, many people are into buying watercraft. Once you own a boat, you need to apply for its registration and titling in Massachusetts. For god forbid, if the boat meets with an accident, the coast guards will identify your registered boat pretty easily. The boat article will help you properly for registration.

What Type of Boats Must be Registered in Massachusetts?

All the boats powered by the motor are subject to registration. Even motorized fishing boats, sailboats, jet skis, canoes with motors, etc., need proper registration in the state of Massachusetts. If the boat features a length less than 14 feet, you don’t have to worry about its registration at all. Also, if the boat is registered in some other state of the USA, you can skip registration completely. If you buy a Kayak, it doesn’t need registration, but if the Kayak comes with a trolling motor, you must register it.

What Information is Required to Register a Boat in Massachusetts?

To establish yourself as the true owner of your boat, you will need to submit a few respective documents. First, you need to submit the bill of sale. If you have already started paying sales tax for your boat, you should show sales tax and property tax papers. In case you buy the boat from its previous owner, you must keep an affidavit of watercraft ownership transfer with you.

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Boat in Massachusetts?

The registration fee varies according to the boat length. If the boat is less than 16 feet in length, you should pay 44 dollars as its registration fee, and the registration will be valid for two years. If the boat length is within 16 feet and 26 feet, the registration fee will be 66 dollars. For a boat length of 40 feet and above, the respective authority will charge a registration fee of 110 dollars. For acquiring the boat title, they will charge you extra 27.5 dollars, and to add a Lienholder, you need to pay around 16.5 dollars. You can use a credit card or debit card to pay the registration fees.

Where Do You Go To Register Your Boat in Massachusetts?

There are several boat registration offices in the state. These are the Boston Registration Office, Fall River Registration Office, Springfield Registration Office, Hyannis Registration Office, etc. You can turn up in any of the offices in Massachusetts to register your brand-new boats. Upon registration, they will automatically provide you with a boat title. To transfer the registration and title of your boat, you should turn to these offices. They will take a minimal charge from you, but your task will be done within one or two days.

Can You Mail Your Boater Registration Form in Massachusetts?

Yes, of course, you can mail your Boater Registration Form in Massachusetts offices. If you visit the official websites of the aforementioned boat registration offices, you will get their email addresses. You can send your filled registration application via mail. If possible, make an online payment for the registration fee and send the soft copy of the transaction details via that mail. The boat registration offices in Massachusetts do not accept cash; either you will have to send a check or money order.

Where Do You Have to Keep the Boat Registration Number in Massachusetts?

The registration number should be placed on both sides of the watercraft. Generally, the boat operators paint this number on the vessel’s forward half. Written in block letters, the registration numbers consist of letters and numbers. These registration numbers should be clearly visible from a distance.

Where Do You Display Hull Identification Number in Massachusetts?

The Hull Identification Number is placed on both interior and exterior parts of the watercraft. This 12 character ID is either engraved on the boat’s body or printed on the metal plates. Some boat owners use plastic plates to write down their hull identification numbers. When the coast guards and other law officers come for an inspection on your boat, they should see this number appearing on the exterior part of your boat. To make it more visible, you can install a few lights near the number.

Now that you have a clear idea about boat registration in Massachusetts, it will be pretty easy for you to register and title your boat. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the registration application today.