How To Register A Boat In Pennsylvania

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Located in the North-Eastern part of the USA, Pennsylvania is a mid-Atlantic state of the Appalachian region. This heritage state is full of breath-taking natural water bodies such as Lake Erie, Raystown Lake, Susquehanna River, Clarion River, Lackawaxen River, Delaware River, etc. All these public waters of Pennsylvania are ideal for boat rides, water sports, fishing trips, etc.

The state of Pennsylvania is quite serious about legal matters, and to operate your boat legally on public waters, you must register your watercraft within a few weeks after purchase. We have garnered all information in the question-and-answer form to help our readers with the boating registration and titling process.

What Type of Boats Must be Registered in Pennsylvania?

All the powered watercraft having inboard or outboard motors are subject to registration and titling in Pennsylvania. In simple words, boats purchased or sold, or transferred to Pennsylvania need proper registration. If you own a boat with a boat length of fewer than 14 feet, you can skip the registration process.

For boats older than the 1997 model and boats already titled in some other state, there is no need for boating registration in Pennsylvania. For small boats like Kayaks, Canoes, etc., you can go for temporary registration also. It allows the boat owners to go out in the water with their boats straight away.

What Information is Required to Register a Boat in Pennsylvania?

First, you have to submit the PA boat registration application with proper details regarding your boat. In this application, you will get a mention of other documents you must show to the counter for document verification. These are bills of sale, watercraft ownership certificate, identity proof of the owner, manufacturing papers, etc.

To ensure water safety, the boating registration office’s staff sometimes ask the boat owners to show their boating license. In case of transfer and renewal of the boating registration certificate, you will just have to carry the previous certificate of number.

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Boat in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, boat registration remains valid for two years. For motor-free boats, the registration charge is only 22 dollars. In the case of motorboats having a length less than 16 feet, you will have to spend 26 dollars. If your boat is for personal use and features more than 20 feet of boat length, the registration fee is a fixed 52 dollars. Some boat owners prefer to go for the temporary registration in Pennsylvania; they will have to pay only 2 dollars as registration fee. The boat title fee is only 15 dollars in Pennsylvania.

Where Do You Go To Register Your Boat in Pennsylvania?

People turn up in the commission region office to receive the boat registration certificate and the title. Some prefer contacting the boat registration agents for the complete process of registration. The fish and boat commission of Pennsylvania is the main body to issue the certificate of the number to boat owners. They will verify your boating documents. They also help with the renewal and transfer of the registration certificate.

Can You Mail Your Boater Registration Form in Pennsylvania?

Yes, of course, you can mail your boater registration application form to Pennsylvania fish and boat commission. If you search in google, you will get the appropriate email address. In the mail, you must attach the scanned copy of asked papers. Also, try to send the respective registration fee immediately after sending the mail through a check or money order. These days, the online registration service is pretty popular in Pennsylvania as it is quicker than the offline registration process.

Where Do You Have to Keep the Boat Registration Number in Pennsylvania?

People generally look for the registration number on the watercraft’s forward part. It should be painted on the same line as the validation decal. According to the U.S. Coast Guard guidelines, the registration number should be painted on the vessel’s left and right sides. To ensure optimal visibility at night, the boat owners should add some light near the number.

Where Do You Display Hull Identification Number in Pennsylvania?

The Hull Identification Number is placed on the Transom, Gunwale, or the deck joint. Some people hang the metal and plastic plates, printing the HIN on both the interior and exterior of the boat. The HIN is generally on the lower part of the boat’s interior. So, adjust the boat carpets and boat seats in such a way that the HIN is not covered.

Keep all the information in mind while you go for boat registration in Pennsylvania. You must acquire your boat title at the same time of boat registration.