How To Register A Boat In South Dakota

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Among the 50 states of the USA, South Dakota is the seventh most expansive state, and it is lightly populated. The state features Black Hills national forest, plenty of national parks, and water bodies. Lake Oahe, Pactola Lake, Sylvan Lake, Horse Thief Lake, Missouri River, Lake Sharpe, Cheyenne River, etc., are pretty good locations for boat rides in the evening.

To ply on South Dakota Waters legally, you must register your boat and, if possible, title it within a few days after purchase. To help novice boat owners with appropriate information regarding boat registration, we have written answers to a few common questions.

What Type of Boats Must be Registered in South Dakota?

According to South Dakota boating laws, all motor-powered watercraft, irrespective of construction material and boat size, require proper registration. All the boats above the length of 18 feet should also be registered in the state of South Dakota. If you own a human-powered boat like kayak or Canoe, and if they are less than 12 feet long, you won’t need a boat registration in South Dakota. It is important that boats having a length of more than 12 feet should own a license number and validation sticker. Also, documented vessels and lifeboats are free from boat registration.

What Information is Required to Register a Boat in South Dakota?

Well, to register your boat completely in the state of South Dakota, you will have to collect the application form first. Fill the application form fully, providing information regarding boat size, boat material, manufacturing details, and so on. This is the most important paper, and so the registration office counter will ask you to submit this document first. After that, they will ask the boat owners to show proof of ownership, bill of sale, a tax receipt of paid property tax for your boat, etc. If your boat is already registered in some other state of the USA, you can show the certificate of the number to the counter as well. Also, don’t forget to carry your boating license papers and identity proof with you.

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Boat in South Dakota?

For boats having propellers and electric motors, the registration charge will be only 15 dollars. In the case of non-motorized boats having a length of more than 12 feet, the registration fee is the same. In South Dakota, the registration charge is directly proportional to the boat size. So, for motorboats between the size 12 feet and 19 feet, the charge would be 25 dollars. For all the boats having lengths above 19 feet, the registration fee is 45 dollars. For duplication of title and transfer of boat ownership, the boat owners will have to pay around 10 dollars.

Where Do You Go To Register Your Boat in South Dakota?

For boat registration, you must visit the office of South Dakota Revenue Department. You can collect the registration application from the local county treasures’ offices. You can either submit your boat papers and filled registration application form to these offices yourself or contact a boat agent to help you with the boat registration in South Dakota. After verifying the documents, they will issue you the license number the same day.

Can You Mail Your Boater Registration Form in South Dakota?

Yes, the South Dakota Department of Revenue entertains registration mails from the boat owners. The appropriate email address can be found on their official website. To complete your initial boat registration over email, you have to send the relevant registration charge to the respective department via net banking. They will send the certificate of number and the decals via mail. But, for this, you will have to pay a mailing charge of 1 dollar.

Where Do You Have to Keep the Boat Registration Number in South Dakota?

The registration number of the boat is written on the vehicle on either side. To make this 3-5 inches tall registration number visible, you need to paint it with bold color. Also, don’t place fishing nets and other boat objects near the number. You must not want the number to be covered. In fact, to improve its visibility, you should add a soft light near this number.

Where Do You Display Hull Identification Number in South Dakota?

The Hull Identification Number should be well-displayed on all the boats plying on South Dakota waters. The HIN is generally found on the upper right part of the vessel’s transom. For a sailboat, the HIN is painted near the stern or on the deck joint. Some boat owners keep the HIN on the interior walls of the boat as well.

Once you are done with boat registration, you can operate your boat freely on the public waters of South Dakota. If you are using your boat for personal and recreational purposes, you can keep life jackets, diving fins, fishing tools, etc., on your boat.