How To Register A Boat In Vermont

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Situated in the New England region of the USA, Vermont is such a state which is away from the Atlantic Ocean. This north-eastern state of Vermont has many natural wonders. Here, you can find Winooski River, Lake Carmi, Lake Willoughby, Connecticut River, Lake Saint Catherine, Poultney River, and so on. All these water bodies are ideal for boat rides and recreational activities.

To operate on Vermont public waters legally, you will have to register your water vehicle. We think this article will come in handy for novice boat owners.

What Type of Boats Must be Registered in Vermont?

If your boat consists of an inboard motor, outboard motor, or trolling motor, you must register that boat in Vermont. Even jet skis are not free from boat registration. The only exception is for non-motorized boats or human-powered boats. Kayaks, Canoes, etc., are small in size and do not violate the boating laws of Vermont. So, you don’t have to register your Kayaks or Canoes. Foreign vehicles with a previous registration certificate and US Coast Guard’s water vehicles can skip registration and titling both in Vermont.

What Information is Required to Register a Boat in Vermont?

Like all the other states, in Vermont, you will have to show the papers proving your watercraft ownership. You can show the concerned authority a bill of sale, affidavit of watercraft ownership transfer, tax forms of paid boat taxes, etc. You can show them the papers of the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin if you want. Other than this, they will ask the boat owners to submit the filled boat registration application form. You must have the original and a Xerox of these documents.

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Boat in Vermont?

The registration charge is different for class 1, class 2, and class 3 motorboats in Vermont. If you want a registration validity of only one year for a class 1 motorboat, you will have to pay 49 dollars. For two year’s validity, the registration charge will increase to 93 dollars. For class 2

and class 3 motorboat, the one-year registration fee is 80 dollars and 153 dollars respectively. There will be some other charges for duplication of registration card, title, transfer, renewal, etc. So, set aside some bucks for your boat registration in Vermont.

Where Do You Go To Register Your Boat in Vermont?

You can visit the Division of Motor Vehicle office for the titling and registration of your watercraft. They provide the offline application form for registration. Apart from DMV, you can collect this form from your boat dealer as well. In Vermont, sometimes, people take the help of boating agents for their registration process.

Can You Mail Your Boater Registration Form in Vermont?

Yes, all the boating registration offices feature official websites online these days. They provide their email address and other contact details there. You can visit that section, copy the email address and mail your boater registration form to it. While mailing to the concerned department of boat registration, don’t forget to send the soft copies of other legal boat papers. You must send the registration fee to complete the entire process via mail.

Where Do You Have to Keep the Boat Registration Number in Vermont?

The boat registration office issues the registration number. Each and every registered boat in the USA has a different registration number. This license number needs to be visible all the time. So, these days, the boat owners keep the registration number on both the port sidewall and starboard sidewall of the watercraft. This registration number is painted in thick block letters on the forward bow. You might like to add some light near this number. If possible, use boat polish on it to make it look extra shiny and attractive from a distance.

Where Do You Display Hull Identification Number in Vermont?

The Hull Identification Number is written with the help of paint or sticker. You will find this multi-digit number near the boat transom and on the deck joint. The HIN is found on a relatively lower part of the boat’s exterior wall. You can keep the Hull Identification Number on the interior walls also.

Now that you know how easy it is to register a boat in Vermont, you must collect your application form today and start filling it. It will take you a few days before the entire boat registration is done.