How to Register a Jon Boat with No Title or VIN Number?

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If you are looking for a boat for fishing, hunting, and other recreational activities, you can invest in a Jon boat. This flat-bottomed boat is made of fine quality aluminum, wood, and fiberglass, having two to three-row of boat seats. A clean and affordable Jon boat is ideal for cruising around the sea. That is why the Jon boats are always equipped with life jackets, fishing kit combo, etc.

Like automobiles, water vessels also need proper titling and VIN number. So, you need to register these boats at your earliest. Generally, the second-hand Jon boats come with no title, no HIN or VIN number. Registering and titling a second-hand Jon boat can cost you dearly.

The registering process varies from one American state to another. If you own a no-title Jon boat and wish to register it, you need to talk to the local DMV and tax office. Apart from this, it will help you a lot if you manage to get a bill for your second-hand Jon boat from its previous owner.

How to register a Jon boat in different states of America?


It can be quite difficult for a boat owner to register a Jon boat in Arkansas. The concerned office at Arkansas will ask you to show the documentary proof of your boat insurance, past registration papers, etc. If you are able to find the original title of the boat, you will get the previous selling price of the boat, a signature of the previous owner, and the date of registration. In Arkansas, you will have to register only boats with outboard motors or inboard motors on them.


The state of Indiana has a whole different rule regarding the registration of no-title Jon boat. The concerned authority says that you don’t need to go for the registration and titling process if your boat costs less than 3000 dollars. So, regarding the registration of Jon boat, this state is quite liberal.


Like Indiana, Wisconsin also has a flexible law for no-title Jon boats on the water. First, you need to measure the length of your second-hand Jon boat. If the number is below 16, you don’t need to worry about titling your boat at all. You just have to acquire a registration card.

What are the top tips for the registration of your no-title Jon boat?

To avoid the problems of registering a no-title Jon boat, you should learn about all the rules regarding Jon boat in your state. You must try to collect all the important boat papers from the previous owner or boat manufacturers. You should go through these papers before purchasing the Jon-boat. Before heading towards the DMV or local tax office, you should check on manufacturer certificates, bills of sale, and application forms.


What should you do with a no-title Jon boat if it has a deceased owner?

Upon the death of the rightful owner of your no-title Jon boat, the ownership will be shifted to his or her spouse. If you wish to buy such a second-hand boat, make sure the spouse has completed all the legal formalities to transfer ownership.

So, we would suggest the future boat buyers stay away from the no-title Jon boat. If you set your mind on buying any second-hand Jon boat, try to gather all the paperwork you can get at first. This way, your no-title Jon boat will not cause you much trouble.