How to Secure Your Boat Trailer from Theft?

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Wondering how to keep your boat from being stolen? Today, we will learn about how to secure a Boat Trailer from theft.

A boat trailer is a vehicle that mainly serves the purpose of carrying a boat around and launching it into water. There are different kinds of boat trailers for different kinds of boats. If you have recently bought a boat and are wondering how to keep it safe, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about Boat Trailers.

What is a Boat Trailer?

As mentioned before, a Boat Trailer is a kind of vehicle. Other than carrying a boat around, boat trailers have other functions too, such as launching the boat into the water, retrieving them from water, and storing them.

What are the different kinds of Boat Trailers?

It is quite intriguing to learn about the different kinds of Boat Trailers available. Having different brake systems, tires, lights, among other things. Boat Trailers can often prove to be a difficult purchase.

Listed are the kinds of Boat Trailers.

Bunk Trailers

  • Easier to maintain and affordable.
  • Uses braces or boards (bunks) to hold and support the keel.
  • Require more effort to haul in and out of water

Roller Trailers

  • Best for launching into shallow waters.
  • More expensive for purchasing as well as maintaining,
  • In these types of trailers, cylindrical pieces of plastic are used to support the weight of the boat.

Glide Path Trailer

  • Also known as the Float-on style Trailer.
  • After three-fourth of the trailer has been submerged into the water, this allows the boat to float onto the trailer.
  • Used for larger boats.

How to secure your Boat Trailer from theft?

Now that you know what kind of trailer you need, the important question that arises is how to keep it safe and prevent it from being stolen?

You can take the following measures to prevent this from happening:

  1. Getting a Trailer Wheel Lock will lock the wheels in place so that it would be impossible for someone to try to haul the trailer away.
  2. Running a chain and a padlock through the vents of the wheel and around the trailer frame will also prevent your boat trailer from being stolen.
  3. Another alternative would be to install trailer couple locks, also known as hitch and tongue locks, which protect the boat at the hitch, where it is most vulnerable.
  4. If you combine a wheel lock with a couple locks, it will be most effective.
  5. A ground anchor might also help in keeping the boat stationary.
  6. Installing a GPS tracker or security cameras that have motion-activated lighting will also keep your Boat Trailer safe.

What are the things to keep in mind while securing your Boat Trailer?

Determined to keep your Boat Trailer safe? There are important things that you must bear in mind while securing your Boat Trailer. Listed here are some things that will help you protect your valuable asset more.

  • First thing here is to secure the location where the Boat Trailer is located. Provide a well-lit area for your Boat Trailer. This will scare the thieves and keep them from trying to steal it.
  • Locks, as mentioned before, are of utmost importance in protecting your Boat Trailer. Investing in a good lock system will help you in the long run.
  • Sometimes, parking another vehicle in front of your Boat Trailer might also help in camouflaging the boat. Furthermore, making it difficult for people to see.

If you have got all of this covered, it would be next to impossible for someone to try to steal your Boat Trailer. This, for sure, will secure your Boat Trailer from theft.