How Wide Is A Pontoon Boat?

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Pontoon boats are generally manufactured for recreational purposes. These days, people use these boats for swimming, fishing, water sports etc. So, whenever you step on a pontoon boat with your children, carry safety goggles with you.

Pontoon boats have a width of around 7.5 to 8 feet. Smaller boats might have a width of 7 feet. The width of a pontoon boat depends upon various conditions such as the manufacturing, the use, and the boat’s length. Usually, pontoon boats have two pontoons that provide buoyancy to the boat, but if there is a third pontoon attached, that will not increase the boat’s width.

What is the width of various pontoon boats?

There are mainly three sizes of the Pontoon boat: Small Size, Medium Size and Large Size.

Small Size pontoon boats generally have a length around 20 feet, and the width goes up to 8 feet. The two pontoons attached are 24 and 26 inches, respectively. Although the small-sized boats are less than 20 feet long, other Pontoon boats have lesser length and width. These boats are known as mini boats. These mini boats have a length of 12 feet with 7 feet width. The various types of small and mini boats are as follows:

Venture Quad Fish

This small pontoon boat measures 16 feet in length and 7 feet in width. This pontoon boat has four fishing stations at the bow and aft areas. It is also an excellent alternative for expensive pontoons—the Venture Quad Fish costs around $20,000.

Pro Bass Mini Pontoon Boat

The length of this mini pontoon boat is around 11 feet, and its width is 6’4″. The boat has a maximum capacity of 2 persons. Pro Bass Mini Boat is suitable for a quick vacation.

Medium Size pontoon boats generally have a width of 8-9 feet. The length of a mid-size boat can vary from 20 feet to 40 feet, depending upon the manufacturer’s calculations. The Beam QX series can accommodate 16- 18 people easily and has a width of 10 feet.

Large Size Pontoon boats are quite rare, and they are up to 12 feet in width. If you customize a Pontoon boat, your boat can have different widths.

What are the factors affecting the width of a pontoon boat?

The dimensions of a pontoon boat depend mainly on the manufacturing company. As mentioned above, different lengths of the boat have width accordingly. The width also depends on the use of pontoon boats. If the boat is solely used for fishing and partying, the boat’s size is suitable to adjust 18-20 people.

What should be the ideal dimension of a family pontoon boat?

If you plan to go on a vacation with your kids and family, you should choose the calmer region of water best for the family pontoon. All the time, you and your children should wear life jackets to maintain your safety. A family pontoon has a length of 17 to 19 feet, having a width of 9-10 feet. The given dimension is suitable for calm water bodies such as lakes. For rivers, a pontoon of length 20-22 feet will work.

You need quality boat cover to cover your pontoon boat when it is not in use. It will protect the boat from many damages. While placing an order for boat cover, you should measure the length of the boat properly. The boat cover should have a few extra feet on all sides to spare.