KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Review

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Over the years, there have already been considerable challenges in the fishing industry, but one element whose importance remains the same is fishing rod and reel. It comes great if it is a combination of both. If you are interested in knowing the combination of both and the features that make it a good purchase, keep reading.

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Features

KastKing is well-known for their durable products. Diving into the KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo features, we learn that it is designed with a high-density carbon frame. There is more to learn about its features below:

Spinning Reel and Poles

KastKing Crixus fishing reels are made up of carbon-infused frames followed by the best material, CNC  aluminum spools. This product also features a double-shielded stainless ball bearing, powerful carbon drags. All of these enhances the rod and reel’s overall functionality. Crixus spinning and Casting Fishing Poles are other primary components for catching the fish. Therefore,  the special PTS technology would make the Crixus a well-performing rod.

Rod Blanks and Handles

These KastKing Crixus Fishing Sticks are made of IM6 Graphite Blanks, which shows a fantastic blend of strength and flexibility. This rod line range from 5′ to 7’6′′ and vary in strength from medium to heavy. Their incredible performance is a blend of durability and versatility.

Its golf-style handles are made of SuperPolymer. The handles are convenient, robust, and extremely slip-resistant in the wettest situations, allowing you full grip and leverage over your fishing rod.

Stainless Steel Guides

The presence of a guide provides long smooth casts and sturdy results. For line control’s precision and size – rod guides are essential. The good news is these fishing rods are made with stainless steel guides that have Zirconium Oxide Rings. These are strong and conventional guides that will work great for every kind of fishing.

Kastking Crixus Fishing Rod And Reel Combo Review

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Pros

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo are made up of high-quality carbon-infused frames, stainless steel, and fiberglass. You get a compact, comfortable, sturdy fishing rod that you can use without undue fatigue for a long time. The rod is really strong, so you don’t have to think about the battle being fought by your fish. The spinning rod for fast response adds extra fun and satisfaction while fishing.

Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo feature PTS technology in which there are spinning and casting rods are together and feels like one-piece construction. Their grip is easy to handle; even in wet conditions, they do not slip away from your hands. This product is budget-friendly for beginners to professionals.

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Cons

It can’t be argued that KingKast products are quite satisfactory but considering the flaw while purchasing is also detrimental. There are complaints about the drag of that it has no audible clicking sound. With a loud sound, it becomes easier to hear that back pop sound due to the springs. If the spring is not working well, then there is no sound made by the drag clicker.

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Review Conclusion

The KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod line is one of the latest fishing rod lines with impressive durability, creativity, reliability, compatibility, and sustainability. The good thing about this product from KastKing is that you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the experience, but even a newbie at this hobby can have a moment of happy fishing. Be it a newbie or experienced – it all-inclusive!

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