KastKing Fishing Line Scissors Review

When you go on a fishing trip, always go prepared. Take all of the necessary tools because you don’t want to ruin your trip due to the absence of any equipment. And make sure you must carry a pair of quality scissor-like the KastKing Fishing Line Scissors.

The KastKing has one of the best fishing line scissors in the market. They are super sharp, have an excellent handle, and high-quality material.

KastKing Fishing Line Scissors Features

The KastKing Fishing Line Scissors are not like the normal scissors that we use in our daily lives. These are the highly specialized ones. These scissors will become your great companion in all of your small to big fishing trips. Some of the features of these amazing scissors are listed below.

Contains Easy Removal Sheath

The KastKing Fishing Line Scissors contains a highly efficient and unique sheath. The sheath works great in protecting its sharp blades. Moreover, anglers can also wear this sheath on the waistband or the belt of their shorts or pants. The sheath’s best thing is that it is extremely easy for the anglers to remove them because it requires no effort and much struggle.

Lightweight and Durable Handle with Non-Slip Grip

Unlike most other brands that do not concentrate on the scissor’s quality of handle, the KastKing Fishing Line Scissors’ first concern is the quality of handles. Only a high-quality handle can provide comfort to the anglers.

These scissors have highly lightweight and durable handles. The KastKing have utilized a high strength Polypropylene handle in these scissors. The Polypropylene material makes these handles extremely strong and enhances their performance to a great extent.

Moreover, along with being durable and lightweight, these handles also have non-slip quality. The TPR handles ensure extreme comfort and a highly secure grip to increase the KastKing Fishing Line Scissors’ overall performance.

Includes Lanyard

The KastKing Fishing Line scissors are an all in one package because these amazing scissors also include a lanyard. Anglers can utilize the sheath for storing the scissors and wear them around their neck through the lanyard and get extremely fast and easy access. You can hardly find another brand which offers the same stuff in the package.

Kastking Fishing Line Scissors Review

KastKing Fishing Line Scissors Pros

You will find the KastKing Fishing Line Scissors as one of the sharpest scissors for fishing line. The KastKing has used the high quality 3CR13 Japanese 420D stainless steel blades in these scissors. These blades are specifically designed for making braided line cutting extremely fast and easy in both types of water, i.e., freshwater and saltwater. These blades also have excellent performance for fluorocarbon and mono.

The best thing about the KastKing Fishing Line Scissors are their high quality, non-slip TPR handles. These handles are a great help during fishing. Non-slip grips mean anglers can mark themselves safe from any potential injury caused due to scissor slipping out of hand. Even if you use these scissors with a wet hand, you will still have a great grip.

Moreover, the KastKing Fishing Line Scissors come with a sheath and a lanyard. Both the sheath and the lanyard protect these scissors from any element and the chance of losing them as you can put the scissor inside the sheath and hang them around your neck. Isn’t it amazing?

KastKing Fishing Line Scissors Cons

The KastKing Fishing Line Scissors have excellent features; however, it also has one flaw which is hard to avoid. Some anglers have complained that this fishing line scissor works a bit poorly on the braided lines. Though it can cut the braided line, its performance on the braided line compared to other fishing lines is a bit poor. This reduces its desirability, especially for anglers who often use braided lines.

KastKing Fishing Line Scissors Review Conclusion

Though the KastKing Fishing Line Scissor’s performance in braided fishing lines trembles slightly, it has an excellent account in all other types of cables. However, please don’t assume it has poor performance on all kinds of fishing lines based on its performance on the braided line because you can use it on all types of fishing lines and expect incredible performance.

Although some anglers might complain about the KastKing Fishing Line Scissors, they will not neglect the fact that these scissors offer more features and benefits than its competitors. It’s a great value for its price.

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