Recommended Maintenance for an Inboard Boat

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Every machine needs maintenance for smooth functioning and to perform at its full potential for a longer time. Similarly, an inboard boat requires a replacement of declined engine and hull zincs on corrosion.

Apart from this, there are also other essential repairs that you must do to help your inboard boat perform better. Below are some tips to guide you with the maintenance of an inboard boat.

What are the basic maintenance requirements for an Inboard Boat?

These are must-have maintenance requirements that every individual with an inboard boat must look after. Plus, by taking care of these common issues, you reduce future risks and promise better functioning.

Oil changing 

After every 100 hours, you must change the oil of your boat. It is an ideal ritual necessary for all inboard boats. However, ensure you refer to the user manual for a precise understanding of your boat’s oil needs.

Clean your boat 

Washing your boat does not just help it look good but prevents salt accumulation in the parts of the machine. It is an easy task that does not require a lot of external help. So, ensure you regularly wash your boat after each sail.

Cleanse the engine 

Engines of inboard boats tend to amass debris that leads to hampering the overall performance. The use of engine lube also makes it dirty too often. You can get freed of it by pouring a clean solution through the machine. However, ensure to cover the intakes before performing this step.

Tips for maintaining an Inboard boat in winters

During the winter season, the boat is often not in use and at bay. It is vital to maintain your boat the most at these times as it is still and not used. However, ignoring taking care of the basics may result in a performance failure later on.

Here are some tips that you need to do before keeping your boat away during the winter season.

  • Remove the oil
  • Change the oil filter
  • Change the boat engine oil
  • Change its antifreeze

How much does inboard boat maintenance cost?

One of the primary concerns with maintaining a machine is how much it will cost your pocket. However, do not worry a lot about it as most of the boats sold today have comparatively low maintenance. Plus, they do not cost you much.

By taking care of the basics, the expenditure comes down to 10% of the actual cost annually. The average costing varies but, we can figure out a rough estimate in general.

Self-maintenance cost 

If you have the knowledge and can perform these tasks by yourself, then your maintenance is almost negligible. Only the material that you require is going to be your expenditure.

Maintenance cost by service providers

When you hire individuals to maintain the boat and make the replacements, they charge you a service charge. It might be a little high at cost as it involves a third party performing the servicing. However, for the first few years, your inboard boat does not cost much but minimal.

Owning an inboard boat requires proper maintenance to operate well. It further helps in increasing the durability of the machine. Thus, you must give your inboard boat the best to function smoothly and perform well for a long time.