What are the Outriggers Used for on a Fishing Boat?

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Are you a fishing enthusiast? If you are, you must have spent many hours on fishing boats. Deep-sea fishing is a quite popular recreational activity among people these days. Apart from fishing reels, fishing rods, etc., the outriggers are the most important fishing accessories to the fishermen who go for off-shore fishing.

In fishing boats, the outriggers refer to a series of poles made out of aluminum, Kevlar, and fiberglass. The outriggers are generally attached to the sides of the fishing boat, and these allow you to set lures at whatever depth you want.

How to troll with an outrigger, and how does it work on a fishing boat?

The outriggers let the fishermen troll in a larger area. You should use the lightest pole for deep fishing as it won’t put any strain on your fishing boat. While trolling with the help of your outrigger, you need to keep in mind three factors- speed, direction, and depth of the lure. First, you need to set your mind on the type of fish you want to catch with your outriggers and decide on the lure depth accordingly. Also, you need to maintain the proper speed of your fishing boat. Take into account the direction of the wind and current as well.

The outrigger consists of two parts- base and pole. The base of the outrigger is attached to the pre-installed base plate of the boat. The outriggers allow trawling a number of lines in water without any tangling. This process stimulates the school of fish and makes it easier for you to catch fish.

What are the factors for installing an outrigger?

As we have told you earlier, having a mounting plate on your boat will facilitate the process of outrigger installation. You will also need stainless steel fasteners, bolts, etc. For effortless installation, you can purchase the outrigger kits at any time. The length of the outrigger or poles should be simply half of the length of your boat. For the installation of an outrigger, you need to focus on the following three factors.


The boats which are more than 30 feet long are generally seen using Wish-bones. These heavy-duty poles tackle three fishing lines or more at a time. Though these poles are quite difficult to use, they offer you a larger area to fish.

Deck mount

These cheap and convenient outriggers are ideal for boats of medium length. These poles put the entire pressure on the deck and can handle two lines simultaneously.

Top mount or side mount

The top mounts feature long poles, and these are difficult to reach from the cockpit of the boat. These let the lines go far away from the surface, thereby helping in fishing.

Different types of outrigger setups?

There are multiple outrigger setups. Some fishing boat owners use Double Halyard Lines, bungee cord, and sheet line together, whereas some use tag lines with single halyard lines. The use of a center rigger with a single halyard line is quite prevalent these days.

If you are about to board a fishing boat, it will help you a lot knowing in detail about outriggers. After all, these days, almost all the deep-sea fishermen are using telescoping poles for better trolling.