What Color Is A Marker That Indicates Safe Water On All Sides?

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Have you ever heard the term “safe watermark”? Well, this mark indicates the availability of navigable water around the boat. In some cases, these marks are there just to indicate the entrance of the estuary, water channel, etc.

If you appear for a Boat Ed exam, you should prepare well regarding boat safety. But, a common question comes to the mind of every aspiring boat owner – “What Color is a Marker That Indicates Safe Water on all Sides?” Generally, red and white colors are used for safe watermarks. These strips mark fairways and mid-channels.

Characteristics of safe watermark

This sea mark features vertical stripes of two colors- red and white. It comes in various shapes of buoy such as MR, spherical, can, etc. In many cases, these shapes are lettered. The buoys can be lighted with or without sound and unlighted with or without sound. The lighted ones flash several Morse codes. The lighted buoys follow rhythm like isophase, occulting, a long flash, etc. This rhythm helps in indicating the best point of entrance in dark water or under a bridge. This mark is associated with waterways and navigation. It was the International Association of Lighthouse Authority which first defined the term “safe watermark”.

What is the role of a buoy in water?

The buoy is nothing but a floating device. It is generally anchored to the bottom of the sea bed. Buoy warns the ships and boats about danger in the water. In a way, the buoy guides the mariners. This floating object also determines the position of the submerged rocks. These buoys are generally painted with bright colors so that they can reflect ambient light. This way, the buoys provide optimal visibility. Channel marking is also a task undertaken by buoys. In the case of the ocean, the buoys keep track of the temperature of a particular area.

Different colors of buoys and their significance

Apart from red and white stripes, you can see buoys with white and black stripes too. This white and black marking indicates obstruction to navigation. Apart from these, the buoy makers use other colors also for specific reasons. Let’s know about them.

Yellow buoy

If you see a yellow buoy, stay away from that. The yellow color in buoy represents independent danger and caution. In normal cases, these yellow buoys indicate underwater pipes, lines, etc.

Buoy with an orange circle

The orange circle on the buoy represents an area where no boat is allowed. If you try to get a closer look at the buoy, you will see another symbol or black mark inside the orange circle. It generally tells you in detail about the restriction and its nature.

Red buoy

The boat owners generally call this one, the red nun buoys. It features a cone-shaped marker. While moving ahead, keep the buoy on your right.

While passing near a buoy, you should be very careful with your boat so that your boat propeller or any other parts don’t hit the buoy. In some cases, the anchor rope is tangled with the buoy, so be careful. You can install an anchor light if you want. If you are thinking of owning your own private boat or appear for boat exams, you should start learning about buoys’ markings and colors. This way, you can avoid danger all the time.