What Does the Winner of Wicked Tuna Get as a Prize?

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The winner of the competition gets to keep all the money earned from the catch during the season. Therefore, the team that has the most money at the end is declared the winner of the competition. They make a lot of money by selling bluefin tuna in Japan, where they are in high demand. Although the winning team doesn’t get any medal or trophy, the name, fame, and popularity earned from the show are far more important to them and are their greatest achievement.

There is also extra money to be earned by way of sponsorship opportunities, endorsements for leading brands, and different television appearances throughout the show. Most of all, the show’s proud winner gets to brag about getting the maximum catch through the entire year despite all odds and difficulties.

What is Wicked Tuna?

Wicked Tuna is a reality show in which fishermen and their teams compete with each other for a prized catch. It is more of a fishing competition, and each team tries to catch more fish than the other to be declared the winner of the competition. All of the competitors are highly skilled with modern fishing tools. Aired on National Geographic Channel, Wicked Tuna also focuses on many important issues regarding the blue tuna fish and sustainable fishing in the region. The show has been hugely successful and has had a loyal audience since its launch in 2012.

Who takes part in the show?

Different shipping vessels in and around Massachusetts with their teams take part in the competition while moving along a particular route. The content of the show is full of drama, making it quite popular among people who love fishing. It keeps the audience entertained for weeks during each season. Wicked Tuna has had more than nine successful seasons because of the high-voltage drama created by the show’s characters. The show’s daredevil captains are seen using advanced devices like fish finders, fly fishing rods, etc. These days, the channel sponsors all this equipment.

How and when is the show shot?

Wicked Tuna is a reality television show that is shot live on the sea for weeks at various locations, including Gloucester, Massachusetts. It is a fishing port, popularly known as the Bluefin Capital of the world, and many scenes are filmed there for bluefin tuna fishing. The entire television crew, including the cameraman, are completely involved in the show and stay with the participants throughout the season. On average, the television crew members can spend anything between 70-90 days living on the water to capture every bit of emotion and drama.

What are the risks involved?

All the participating teams are required to come prepared to face adverse conditions while sailing on the deep waters. That is why everyone on board should wear fishing life jackets. The action-packed schedule that continues under the constant glare of cameras throughout the day can tire out anyone. People can get quite edgy at times, leading to flared tempers and emotional outbursts. When competition among the competitor’s peaks towards the end, the captains may involve in verbal duels, challenging each other. They may try to destroy or damage each other’s fishing equipment and accessories, which can be quite dangerous.