What Is A Jon Boat, And Why Is It Called This Name?

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You must have heard of aluminium fishing boats such as pontoon boats, but let me tell you that the vest aluminium fishing boat is a Jon boat. Now, what exactly is a Jon boat? Jon boats generally have a flat bottom with squared-off bows. One of the most exciting characteristics is that Jon’s boat is the cheapest of all ships. Mostly, Jon boats are made up of aluminium, but there are fibreglass boats as well. Let us now look at various other characteristics of a Jon boat.

Why is it called a Jon boat?

Jon boat is called by its name mainly due to the derivation of three theories.

The Ozark Theory

During the late Nineteenth Century, boats with flat bottoms were typical in the Ozark Areas. These boats were specially designed to travel along the shallow waters of the Missouri Valley. These boats were also used for carrying timber, float fishing, and duck hunting.

Jon boats were then made using pine and green lumber. It has been theorized that jack pine was used to make these boats. Hence the name Jack boat eventually came to be known as Jon boats. Tourists and fishers prefer Jon boats because of their stable bottom area. In the old days, these boats used to carry marine lanterns at night while floating on the sea or river.

Scandinavian Theory

Here is another exciting story that comes from Scandinavia. It is said that fishers in Scandinavia liked these boats for flat bottom; such bottom was convenient to carry their fishing equipment like fishing rods, reels, belts, lures etc., to larger vessels. Therefore, one of the boatmen named his boat after his name ‘John,’ hence the word of the boat is ‘Jon boat’.

Charlie Barnes Theory

One of the most trusted stories comes from the affinity of Charlie Barnes for Jon boats. Charlie Barnes is considered to be the most ardent floater and builder of boats. People say that he had built 500 Jon boats in his lifetime. His boats were different and had a flat bottom. Charlie’s boat got its name many years after he made his boats.

What is the dimension of a Jon boat?

Jon boats are usually used for commercial purposes. These commercial boats’ length varies between 8 and 24 feet, whereas the width ranges from 32 inches to 60 inches. Jon boats are available in various designs such as open hull, leaving the ribs exposed, without a bilge, etc.

What is the price of a Jon boat?

The cost of Jon boat depends on its size, construction material, and model. There are also polythene Jon boats available in the market at the expense of $550 and of 12feet in length. At the same time, 12 feet Aluminum Jon boats may cost around $3000. Jon boats as long as 21feet comes at the price of $30,000.

These days, the Jon boats are also used for diving in shallow waters. For diving, you will need a pair of gloves, dive watch, dive light, dive knife etc. The Jon boat can last for decades.