What Kind of Boats Do They Use on Wicked Tuna?

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“Wicked Tuna” is one of the popular fishery-based reality shows aired on the National Geographic channel. Currently, the show has completed its nine seasons successfully, and its tenth season is about to be released in the first half of 2021.

“Wicked Tuna” is about fishing Bluefin Tuna, which is mostly found in the Atlantic Ocean. Tuna fishing generally takes place in the roughest of waters, and the boat needs to tolerate heavy waves.

For Tuna fishing, one needs to use boats with at least 30 feet of length, and this type of boat generally costs around 100,000 dollars. In “Wicked Tuna,” people use boats up to 48 feet in length in some cases. The tuna boats are well equipped with fishing combos.

What are various kinds of boats used on “Wicked Tuna”?

If you are a fan of “Wicked Tuna,” you must know the names of the boats. Some of the boats were custom-made. Yes, the Fish Hawk and the Wicked Pissah are customized boats used since the very first season of “Wicked Tuna.”


Dave Carraro is the captain of this boat. The boat is approximately 44 feet long, and it is a classic Calvin Beal. According to reports, the boat costs around 70,000 dollars.

The Hot Tuna

This is another popular boat one can often see on “Wicked Tuna.” The boat has been owned by captain TJ Ott since season 3 of the show. The 48′ Dixon Series 60 Detroit is the most expensive tuna-fishing boat on the reality show. It costs around 300,000 dollars.


The 45 feet longboat is worth 280,000 dollars, and it is the second most expensive tuna boat used on the show. The captain of PinWheel is Tyler McLaughlin since season 2.

The Odysea

This Blue Hill Marine boat is 32 feet in length, and it is one of the most elegant boats filmed on the reality show. As per our estimate, Odysea’s current worth will be around 118,000 dollars.

Apart from these top four boats, there are other tuna fishing boats shown on “Wicked Tuna.” These are Fat Tuna, Time Flies, Moonshine, The Falcon, Lisa and Jake, The Lily, etc.

What is the cost of running a “Wicked Tuna” boat?

The Tuna fishing boats need a special radar system, GPS tracker, helm, stern, bow, rod, fish finder, etc. To maintain and repair these instruments, you will have to spend around 5000 US dollars annually. Other than these, the extra money will be required for a fishing license on the Atlantic ocean, docking, and fuel supply. For Tuna-fishing you will have to work on the deck area of the boat where you will store tuna fishes. So, in a nutshell, Tuna fishing is an expensive business. You will have to arrange thousands of dollars for just one or two days of tuna fishing trips on these boats.

Where are the “Wicked Tuna” boats docked when not fishing?

The most popular boat on “Wicked Tuna,” the Hot Tuna, is docked in such an area where the fans can actually go and visit the tuna fishing boat. During the off-seasons, the crew members dock the Hot Tuna and other boats at Marina resort, Gloucester, Massachusetts. These docks are ornate with lights, steps, etc., for the convenience of the crew members.

Tuna-fishing is one of the popular water sports these days. If you search the fish market of America, you will learn the worth of Bluefin Tuna. To start a profitable Tuna fishing business, you need to invest in a good fishing boat. We sincerely hope that the aforementioned information has provided you a satisfactory answer.