What Size Trolling Motor Should You Choose for a 24′ Pontoon Boat?

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A trolling motor refers to a special unit that includes vital boat parts like controls, propellers, and electric motor. The credit for inventing the trolling motor goes to O.G.Schmidt. It is his company Minn Kota which manufactures trolling motors even today.

These trolling motors come in various sizes, weights, thrusts, and specifications. The right size of trolling motor can make a world of difference to your fishing activity. We often get to see this question – “What Size Trolling Motor Should You Choose for a 24′ Pontoon Boat?”. Well, you can opt for a trolling motor featuring 24 volts. The motor should also provide a thrust of around 80 pounds.

What are the uses of trolling motor?

The trolling motors help the Pontoon boats in fishing. These specially engineered motors allow the boat owners to have complete control over the Pontoon boats during fishing trips. The trolling motors are generally placed on the side of the primary outboard motor. These motors help the angler with the bait, and as a result, you get to catch more fishes than ever. The boat manufacturers normally place the motor on top of the bow.

How to purchase the right trolling motor for Pontoon boats?

Choosing the right model

First, you need to decide on the mounting location of the trolling motor. You can mount it on top of the bow, engine motor, or transom. In some cases, to install the trolling motor, you need to adjust the space by modifying the front gate.

Shaft length

The next step would be to choose the length of the shaft. The pontoon boats feature a high deck, and so, the shaft length should be around 60 inches.

Trolling motor thrust

The trolling motor thrust requirement varies depending on the weight and size of the pontoon boats. The 24 feet long pontoon boat owners are happy with 65 to 80 pounds of thrust.


Some motor manufacturing companies are providing iPilot facility. The remote control system lets you access the trolling motor from any part of the boat.

Mini Kota Terrova, MotorGuide Xi5, etc., are quite famous models of trolling motors these days.

Does trolling motor require batteries?

Yes, the trolling motor for Pontoon boats requires deep cycle batteries. The extra batteries are used for trolling motors just to prevent power leakage. You can opt for Vmaxtanks batteries for your 24 feet long Pontoon boats. These durable batteries are compatible with any model of Pontoon boats.

This article might help you with sufficient information regarding trolling motors for Pontoon boats. As Pontoon boats are for shallow waters like lakes, rivers, etc., you don’t have to go for high powered trolling motor for your fishing trips. Trolling motors have changed the way people used to fish. So, you should place an order for a Pontoon-specific trolling motor if you want to earn some fortune with your fishing activity.