What Size Yacht Requires a Crew & Captain?

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A captain is the leader of a ship/yacht, who is responsible for the overall management onboard. Precisely, a ship that is more than 70 feet long needs a captain to handle things professionally. He will be responsible for the crew, the guests on board, and all the others on the ship. However, if you own a yacht that you can handle alone, you won’t need a captain or crew to take care of everything for you.

How do you determine the size of a boat?

You may choose a yacht for family excursions or just for the joy of sailing in great weather. Earlier the size of the ship determined whether you need a captain or not. But in today’s world, an individual can take care of the entire ship, all thanks to the latest marine antennas, automated controls, anemometers, and boat radars. He can oversee the entire work of the ship from a single screen. Thus, an individual can independently steer a 100 – foot long ship alone even if he/she has limited experience or knowledge of the waters.

What is the role of a captain?

A good captain is known for his ability to handle all matters on board with ease. He takes care of the people sailing and also keeps an eye on the crew to see that they are motivated and happily doing their jobs. He is technically proficient and an experienced person who values his ship more than his own life. The captain relies on his crew, who trust him and his decisions completely.

How does the role of the captain change depending on the size of the yacht?

The role of the captain based on the size of the ship is as follows:

  • Oversee all the activities on the yacht, keeping an eye on the fuel and finances.
  • If a chief mate and a management company are hired, the captain may not be overburdened with responsibilities.
  • When a captain is hired to take care of a relatively small yacht, he will be on his own, living with a cook, and will work directly for the owner who runs the entire yacht operation himself.
  • A yacht that is 24 – 50 meters long will need a crew of 4-12 people since there is a lot of administration work to do. Larger vessels will have a management company and engineer to help the captain run the maintenance and manage the logistics onboard.

How to determine whether you’re fit to be a captain?

If you love the sea and enjoy the fresh, salty atmosphere around, you can easily accumulate the experience you need to become a captain. There is no age bar or difference between males and females while choosing a captain. So it’s advisable to gain the required sea time and crewing experience before you apply for a license. Meanwhile, you can gain valuable operations knowledge that you will find useful when you become a captain later in life. Well, who knows? You might as well crush that image of all captains being gruff, old men with long beards and prove that it can be otherwise.