What to Look for When Buying a Used Pontoon Boat?

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Do you want to spend the summer cruising around the water? If you can’t stop thinking about this enticing idea, you should definitely purchase a pontoon boat. Ideal for versatile uses, a new pontoon boat will cost you around a minimum of 20 thousand dollars, whereas the used pontoon boats will cost you as low as 3000 dollars.

If you are about to buy a second-hand pontoon boat, you need to acquire all the important boat papers from the previous owner. Go through these papers thoroughly. If possible, go for a test drive before purchasing the used pontoon boat. You need to check the hull, logs, outboard motor, flooring, etc., of the pontoon boat.

How to inspect the used pontoon boat properly before buying?

If you find anything wrong with your pontoon boat post-payment, you will have to spend a huge sum of money on replacing those damaged parts. It will cost you nearly like a new pontoon boat.


Observe closely if there is any crack or patch on the hull. In the case of crack, you need to learn how big it is, whereas, if you see a patch, you need to examine how well it is patched. Some of the hulls lack shining. If you buy such a boat, you can use polish to enhance the beauty of the used pontoon boat.

Furniture and flooring

Ripped-up deck paddings, flooring, and furniture, etc., are very common for used pontoon boats. You need to check whether these tears and rips are minor or not. If minor, then you can repair the boat seats and floorings quite easily. Also, check for molds and mildews on your boat’s bimini top and other parts.

Motor and fuel tank

The performance of your pontoon boat is totally dependent on the inboard or outboard motor. Check if there is any fuel leaking or if the fuel tank is dirty. These are considered as minor issues for motor and fuel tanks. Keep close engine lubes for the smooth operation of your boat.

What are the things one should check before ordering a used pontoon boat?

First, you need to decide the purpose you want to serve by buying a recreational pontoon boat. These days, pontoon boats are used for partying, fishing, hunting, relaxing, and most importantly, for many water sport activities. So, you should be concerned about the space on board. If you want to accommodate more than 13 passengers, go for used pontoon boats of length between 23 feet and 27 feet. Also, check how comfortable the boat seats are, the storage space, tow bar, etc.

What every used pontoon boat must have?

The pontoon boats are generally bought for recreational purposes. So it is expected that there will be a grill onboard. Apart from this, it should also have safety gear, bimini tops, etc. You can buy the trailer from the same seller if he or she has any. Your used pontoon boat will also require a boat cover.

Many boating forums are helping boat owners to upload private ads for selling their boats. You can check out these boating websites on a daily basis if you have set your mind on buying a second-hand pontoon boat.