Where is the Best Place to Put PFDs While You Are Out on Your Boat?

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PFD or Personal floatation device is boat safety equipment that helps the persons stay afloat. The Personal floatation devices are generally filled with air, and these prevent the persons from drowning.

According to boat safety rules and regulations, every boat should have a bunch of PFDs on board. These devices can be proved to be a lifesaver, so boat operators should keep these devices within reach of the passengers.

In this context, what can be a better place to keep a Personal floatation device than the highest deck of the boat. For god forbid, if your boat meets with an accident, the passengers and crew members will come to the deck first looking for the opportunity to save their life.

Why is a personal floatation device better than lifejackets?

Unlike a Life jacket, the PFD can keep a person calm in the water. The Personal floatation device features lesser buoyancy than that of a life jacket. The life jackets come in only bright red and yellow colors. But, the PFD comes in various other bright colors and sizes.

Traditionally, PFDs were manufactured for recreational water sports. But, these days, the modern PFDs are made in such a way that non-swimmers can also use these devices. The PFDs feature all the qualities of a life jacket and much more.

How to take care of PFD?

The PFDs are expensive, and you need to learn how to take care of these devices. You should never keep these devices in an open condition as this action can make your PFD useless. These devices should be kept away from direct sunlight, and you need to wash them with fresh water after every use.

The PFDs are more prone to holes and rips. So, you need to be careful with your PFD while using it on water and check the devices more often to prevent damage.

What are the PFDs for kids?

As we have told earlier, children can also use this new-age floating device. There are multiple sizes, colors for PFDS. Depending on your requirement and weight, the manufacturer will make an extraordinary PFD for you. For children, the PFDS is different. Let’s know about some of the child-specific PFDs.

Grab strap

This special grab strap helps the children grab the long strap of the device, thereby helping them to remain afloat for a while.

Larger Collar or Head Support

This PFD passes through the neck region of the children. We all know that the head is the heaviest part of the body. The PFD supports the head of the children, and this way, the children can prevent drowning even if they don’t know how to swim.

Safety Strap Prevents Going Over Child’s Head

Designed for your child’s safety, the PFD keeps the child on the sea surface level and doesn’t let the child go too far.

Strong Buckle With A Safety Strap

Children are more agile than adults, and if they find themselves in the water, their agility will know no bounds. The excessive body movement unlocks the buckles of regular life jackets, endangering their lives. So, the Strong buckles and safety straps are a must for children’s PFDs.

While on the boat, it is safer to keep the PFD close to you throughout the boat journey. Generally, the boat manufacturers make space for operators to hang the PFD and life jackets from the railings of the deck so that anyone can access these devices in time of need.